Trade Secrets Litigation

Serving clients in California and nationwide, the Orange County law firm of Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP (BKCG) represents clients in trade secrets litigation and related business litigation matters.

We understand the critical importance of protecting our clients' proprietary information. The viability of a business is often tied to its special formulas, manufacturing processes, patterns, recipes, marketing strategies, software algorithms and other trade secrets. If that information is misappropriated by a competitor, or if an employee breaches a nondisclosure agreement, the results can be dire. In such cases, BKCG is ready to provide prompt legal intervention.

Our attorneys also handle related legal matters, including noncompete, nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreement litigation.

Proven Trial Advocacy That Garners Real Results

We pride ourselves on being highly experienced trial lawyers who know how to effectively present complex business, financial and legal topics in an accessible and relatable way. Whether the case is presented to a judge, a jury or an arbitrator, our lawyers are able to convey the pertinent facts in the most beneficial way possible. In fact, we have obtained multiple jury verdicts worth more than $10 million each.

To schedule a consultation about protecting trade secrets, breach of nondisclosure agreements or any other legal dispute, call BKCG at 949-975-7500 or send an email to our Irvine office.