"BKCG understands what is important to our business, our unique company dynamics and they represent us as if they are our partner, not just a client."
- Pete McInnis, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, E-LEND

"I was able to obtain very strong and solid references from their existing clients, promptly. From the onset, I valued their honest approach and client-centric philosophy of doing business."
- Jessica Hung, Managing Director of Kirin International Holding Incorporated

"I absolutely trust BKCG's legal advice. Alton's legal experience combined with his detailed knowledge of the automotive industry gives me 100% confidence that he can effectively protect -my dealership in all legal matters."
- Sal Gonzales , Owner and General Manager of Culver City Volvo

"We trust BKCG to help us make the right decisions."
- June Tran, Chief Financial Officer, Trantronics and Tom Tran, President, Trantronics