BKCG is a trusted name in business litigation throughout Orange County and across California. Combining extensive experience with a commitment to obtain practical results, our shareholder litigation lawyers represent clients in a full range of matters.

Cases frequently involve:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty — We represent businesses as well as corporate directors, officers, high-level employees, and investors. Cases may involve allegations of self-dealing, misappropriation of business assets for personal use, conflicts of interest, or outright embezzlement.
  • Corporate dissolution — In addition to resolving numerous disputes that spring from the dissolution of a business, we help our clients formulate clear exit plans that protect their personal assets, reputation, and credit.
  • Minority shareholder rights — Close corporations are common targets for shareholder oppression claims. BKCG handles all types of minority shareholder litigation, including cases that involve "freeze-outs," "squeeze-outs," and other actions.
  • Shareholder derivative claims — We assist shareholders with bringing lawsuits against third parties in order to defend their corporations' interests. We also defend high-level managers and other clients against allegations of wrongdoing in these complex cases.
  • Shareholder deadlocks — BKCG attorneys understand how California Corporations Code 2000 and other laws apply to situations where ownership interests must be divided between 50-50 and other deadlocked shareholders.

Providing Straightforward Financial Guidance

Litigation can be expensive. That is a fact. However, certain legal strategies can cost more than others. When deciding whether or not to take a shareholder dispute to trial or when determining which strategy to implement, it is important to know if the reward is worth the price.

For this reason and many more, BKCG is proud to offer the services of attorney Alton Burkhalter. In addition to being our firm's founder, he is a certified public accountant who is able to conduct detailed cost-benefit analyses for clients.

To learn more about our services, call BKCG at 866-454-2281 or contact our Irvine or Westlake Village offices online.