Month: May 2019

2019 Revision of California Civil Code Section 1542

2019 Revision of California Civil Code Section 1542 Requires Updates to Releases and Separation Agreements When formally settling a legal claim with another party in California, the typical and preferred course of action is to obtain a release of all known and unknown...

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Don’t Press Your Luck With Press Releases Regarding Pending Company Lawsuits

Because Southern California companies have enough to worry about what with employment lawsuits, traffic, and the ever-present possibility of a light sprinkle, it is crucial to avoid any mistakes that could expose your company to liability in the dissemination of a...

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Constructing a Solid Defense:

Gets Full Defense Award in $2 Million Claim By Contractor Against Long Time Client  Never walk off the job. That was the message that resonated through the tens of thousands of documents, months of...

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