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Contract disputes taking all the fun out of kids' baseball season

Administrators of the Dixie Youth baseball league in a state far east of California are a tad upset with PepsiCo, the soft drink company.  The situation involves contract disputes between the two organizations. The peculiar thing about the disagreement is that the central focus is not really what's contained in the contract, but whether it even exists.

The baseball league and Pepsi supposedly signed a deal in 2012. Pepsi agreed to purchase scoreboards for the league, and in turn, the baseball league agreed to buy its products. At least, that's what Pepsi says, except no one can actually seem to find the written agreement the company claims exists.

Is a former employee claiming you discriminated due to age?

Ending someone's time working for your company can be tense. Many times, companies take careful steps to ensure it gets handled carefully, including having security escort the former employee out of the building. Most recently terminated employees are eager to collect what they need and leave. Sometimes, when an employee gets let go, it doesn't go as well. Occasionally, people will choose the moment of their termination to level accusations of discrimination against their former employer. When that happens, it can sometimes end up developing into a lawsuit against your company.

Having an experienced discrimination defense attorney representing your company can make a big difference. Are you dealing with a former employee who claims that his or her firing was the result of age discrimination? If so, then you need to seek the advice and advocacy of an experienced California discrimination defense attorney. Your attorney can review internal documentation, including previous written reports on the employee and records of other terminations. The right attorney can help establish to the courts that the termination was a matter of business or performance, not discrimination.

What do potholes and contract disputes have in common?

There's a certain section of sidewalk in a small town in a state beyond California that is proving quite difficult for pedestrians to navigate. The reason is that a construction project was begun on the sidewalk, but never finished. Believe it or not, contract disputes are the causal factor behind this peculiar situation.

Several months ago, construction workers were assigned to the sidewalk improvement project. However, sometime in January, all the workers walked off the job before it was completed. The pavement was left uneven, and various construction equipment and barriers were left on site as well.

Can business litigation be part of your path to success?

As a California business owner, you've likely risen to a challenge on more than one occasion. In fact, most business owners typically face various complications and complex issues that directly or indirectly affect their bottom line interests on a regular basis. Some issues, however, are more difficult to resolve than others. The question then becomes: Is business litigation the answer?

There's no doubt that some business-related problems are minor and can be resolved through amicable discussion and negotiation. Not so, however, for other types of situations, such as those having to do with unfair competition, trademark infringements or breach of contract problems. Such issues can quickly bring productivity and profit to a screeching halt.

Owner of Hannah the Pet Society involved in business litigation

People often name businesses after loved ones. That's what a man did when he started a pet business, caring for other people's animals. His company is called Hannah the Pet Society, and he charges a monthly fee for veterinary care and food when he obtains ownership of other people's pets. Recently, a situation has developed that has led to business litigation between Hannah the Pet Society's owner and the state outside California where the company has its roots.

A spokesman for the company said they have not been accused of any criminal wrongdoing. The state, however, has accused the company of unfair trade practices. In doing so, the state requested copies of certain documents after receiving word the company had euthanized several pets.

What to consider when selling a business

If you are thinking about selling your business, it's usually because you've been doing so well that it's clear you'll be able to reap the rewards of your hard work and are looking forward to retirement or investing in a new enterprise. Before you place a listing in all the trade magazines and websites, it's time to do some serious reality checks and make sure you won't be surprised when the offers start rolling in.

Contract disputes resolved, Monsanto loses fight

Many people in California and around the globe are familiar with multinational agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology corporation, Monsanto. The company is a main producer of genetically engineered seeds and glyphosate-based herbicides (such as Roundup). Many who follow business litigation news have likely seen Monsanto's name attached to various contract disputes over the years.

One such dispute was recently ruled upon in court, with Monsanto winding up on the opposite side of the decision from which they'd hoped. The situation involved an earlier agreement the company had forged with another large seed-producing company. In 2015, Monsanto canceled a contract with the seed company, then joined forces with another entity to sue the seed company for patent infringement and wrongful use of Monsanto technology.

Don't let contract disputes hurt your California business

Contracts are integral components to many business transactions, from employment to sales and/or all types of service. Contract disputes, on the other hand, involve problematic situations that can develop any time, sometimes bringing productivity and profitability to a near halt. Most California business owners understand the desire to settle disagreements in as swift and agreeable a manner as possible.

Contracts are highly customizable; therefore, no two are exactly the same. Contract-related disputes, however, may be similar even if terminology contained within an agreement is unique. Some of the most common types of disputes include consumer agreements, non-compete clauses and project-related issues.

Contract disputes have been raging for 2 years

Teachers in California can likely relate to a contentious situation that's been brewing in another state for two years. Contract disputes between a school system and a teachers' association has no apparent end in site although ultimatums have been issued. Currently, both sides have been given dates where they must present final offers.

It appears the state will be getting involved as a fact-finding process is set to get underway wherein the offers of both sides will be reviewed; then, one will be chosen by a state mediator. The situation began in 2015 when negotiations between the teachers' union and the school system began. That first round of negotiations ended with teachers filing an unfair labor practice claim against the school system.

Why closing up shop is harder than it seems

Your firm has faithfully served your business clients for years, but now due to changing market conditions it is time to close operations. While it might seem that just hanging up the "closed" sign and cutting the final checks is all there is to do, the reality is that shutting down operations can be as complicated as starting up.

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