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What to do when faced with patent infringement

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Intellectual Property |

Patents are an important part of many California businesses, allowing them to provide a unique product or service to their customer. When patents are infringed, one’s business can suffer financially. Intellectual property laws exist to protect one’s patents from being used by unauthorized parties. It’s important for patent owners to know their rights and to know how to react when patent infringement happens. 

Patent infringement  

Patents are considered intellectual property, which is protected under California state laws. When someone uses a patent without authorization from the owner, the unauthorized user may be sued. Patent infringement includes making, selling, using or offering to sell something that includes all elements of a patented claim. 

Patent owners should be aware of the terms of their patents and know when they will expire. If an unauthorized party is using a patent, the owner should be prepared to take legal action against that party. Illegally using a patent undermines the fair business environment and punishes those who can create and patent something unique to grow their business.  

Seek legal advice after patent infringement 

Businesses need to take steps to protect patents and other types of intellectual property. Patent infringement and other types of intellectual property theft can be financially harmful a limit a business’s ability to grow. California patent owners who suspect their patent is being used without authorization can benefit from working with an experienced business law attorney. An attorney can provide advice on how best to proceed forward against the party using the patent illegally. 



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