Protecting Both Business Finances And Futures

Taking The Legal Steps To Make Ideas Reality

Intellectual property often represents the most valuable asset that an individual or business can own. Whether someone has written a book or invented a cutting-edge device, the accomplishment means little without formal legal protections. Creators need to take proactive legal steps to ensure that what they created remains their own. Without protections, anyone can potentially take ownership by misappropriating the idea or concept.

A Thorough Approach To Pursuing Copyrights

The attorneys at Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP have pursued intellectual property filings and handled lawsuits that take many forms and include:

From the moment we take on an IP case, we oversee the entire process, starting with the immediate filing of the appropriate application. That initial step not only provides a head start on the process, but it can also identify other similar registrations. While another like-minded inventor may have filed first, awareness of its existence can help you avoid infringement accusations or subsequent legal actions.

An original concept will often result in a successful outcome. For example, copyright protection is lifelong plus 70 years with a public record documenting ownership. However, our work usually does not end there as infringement is always a strong possibility. Should another creator coopt the creation in an effort to confuse the marketplace, we move quickly to hold them accountable, filing a lawsuit for compensation and damages if necessary.

Legal Protections For Creators Nationwide

Our representation goes beyond Southern California. Throughout the nation, we have helped budding creators realize their goals. Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP enjoys a reputation for cost-effective and highly professional advocacy.

The longer time goes by, the more likely that another innovator will secure rights for a similar creation. Take immediate action and contact our law office to schedule an initial consultation. Call 888-714-1738 or send an email to talk to one of our Irvine lawyers.