Protecting Both Business Finances And Futures

Protecting Your Interests In All Types Of Contract Disputes

Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP is a trusted resource when it comes to representing businesses in contract disputes. We know how time-consuming and costly litigation can be. To that end, we work efficiently and effectively to protect our clients’ bottom lines.

Our lawyers can assist when contract disputes arise over the following reasons:

  • Noncompete agreement — Companies spend a significant amount of resources training new employees. Noncompete clauses are often necessary to protect their long-term financial and professional interests. Disputes often occur when an employee violates their contract by competing with employers.
  • Breach of contract — Contracts set forth obligations that the parties involved have agreed to. Litigation can result when one party chooses to ignore a clause within the contract.
  • Tortious interference — California businesses are not immune from competition. When a business entity purposefully interferes with the contract of its competitors, this may be a cause for legal action.
  • Partnership disputes — Business partners or shareholders may not always fully agree. When their visions for the company do not align, disagreements may arise. If both parties feel strongly enough about their side of the issue, litigation can ensue.

Helping Clients Determine The Best Path To Resolution

Disputes do not always have to end in trial. Taking a dispute to court can be costly for all involved. While we recognize that every situation is unique and some may require litigation, we work closely with our clients to explore all possible avenues for reaching an efficient and effective resolution to their contract dispute.

While we are recognized nationally as a leading trial law firm, we have extensive experience using alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve complex contract litigation cases. Whether you choose to litigate your business dispute or seek an alternative approach, our attorneys are ready to represent your interests.

To learn more about our services or to discuss your concerns, call us at 888-714-1738. You may also schedule a consultation at either our Irvine or Westlake Village office via our online intake form today.