Protecting Both Business Finances And Futures

Finding Effective Solutions To Corporate Governance Disputes

Directors, officers and majority owners all owe fiduciary duties to the corporation and its shareholders.  The corporation may owe duties of indemnification to its directors and officers.  Managing these duties and responsibilities requires a thorough understanding of the laws applicable to corporate governance.

The attorneys at Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP understand the position of trust and importance that directors and officers should have with their shareholders, particularly when it comes to their policies, procedures, and systems. However, far too often, that trust is put in question, requiring proactive legal intervention in cases that include:

  • Shareholder lawsuits, including derivative claims
  • Disputes involving mergers, acquisitions, and dissolutions
  • Receiverships involving bankruptcies and restructurings, including the selection of a receiver
  • Business divorces, in which infighting between ownership factions is harming the performance or value of the company

Identifying Strategies And Solutions To Protect Your Business Interests

Corporate governance affects every facet of daily business operations, both in and outside of the boardroom. With a commitment to results-driven representation, our lawyers take the time to identify the specific legal matters our clients face and focus on customized and results-driven solutions.

Our success in providing cost-effective advocacy has earned us the respect of not only our clients but also judges and opposing counsel. We pride ourselves on our reputation for ethics and integrity that is well known throughout the legal industry.

Any level of disagreement can create chaos and destabilize the most stable of businesses. Corporate governance matters and the associated internal investigations that accompany them are far too complex to take on without legal guidance.

The sooner you contact our law office, the sooner we can provide the help and protection your business needs. For more information or to schedule an initial consultation, call Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George at 888-714-1738 or send us an email.