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Accomplished Representation In Eminent Domain

Eminent domain refers to the process by which the government takes property from individuals or businesses for public or private purposes. Though the process is controversial, the government has broad powers when it comes to these types of cases. Ensuring that your rights and interests as a property owner are well-represented is crucial in matters concerning property takings.

At Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP, our attorneys provide skilled legal representation for commercial, industrial and residential property holders throughout California. We are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the full amount of their property’s value in eminent domain cases.

The Government Is Obligated To Compensate Property Owners

The constitution grants the government the power to take private property. However, the constitution also obligates the government to pay fair market value for any property they acquire through eminent domain. The question of what is considered to be fair market value is often one of the most controversial aspects of any eminent domain controversy.

Our lawyers are committed to protecting property owners’ rights when a government entity, be it a federal, state, county or municipal agency, wishes to take their land. We work hard to help property owners fight for the compensation that they deserve — compensation that takes into account how the property should be properly valued, not the often lowball figures typically proffered by government agencies.

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