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Learn how businesses can protect their trade secrets

No matter what industry your business is in, trade secrets are important. This confidential business information helps enterprises stay profitable and stay ahead of competitors. Business owners need to take the protection of their trade secrets seriously by understanding their rights and responsibilities. This post will cover what qualifies as a trade secret and ways that a business can protect itself.

Are holographic wills accepted in California?

People have a wide range of questions when it comes to estate planning, whether they are unsure of which type of trust to set up or are having difficulty naming an executor. However, some are unsure if certain facets of estate planning are even recognized in California, such as holographic wills. If you have any questions regarding your estate, it is essential to find answers while thinking about which options are best given your circumstances.

According to the State Bar of California, holographic wills are valid in California. However, it is important to note that there are certain conditions which need to be satisfied. For example, holographic wills, which are entirely handwritten, must be in the testator's own handwriting and contain his or her signature and the date. While holographic wills do not necessitate witnesses, the writing must be legible and could be invalidated if any aspects of the will have been typed out.

Uber under fire for alleged gender and race discrimination

Uber Technologies Inc. has been accused by three engineers of violating California’s Equal Pay Act. The engineers, all of whom are female and Latina, have sued the rideshare company, alleging that it pays women and people of color less than their colleagues. Further, they also claim that the company did not promote them as regularly as it did employees who were male, white, and Asian.

The lawsuit alleges that Uber is in violation of California’s Equal Pay Act, which attempts to prevent discrimination by requiring equal pay for employees who perform substantially similar work, regardless of gender. It also offers protection against retaliation for employees who wish to compare their salaries.

Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

If you run a business, you might come across a wide variety of challenges. Whether your company is large or you operate a smaller business, you could run into hurdles with competitors, staff members, clients, and even customers. In recent days, a considerable amount of media coverage has focused on sexual harassment. As a business owner, it is essential for you to do what you can to prevent sexual harassment from wreaking havoc in the workplace and doing your best to address these allegations correctly. Our law firm knows that the outcome of these cases can have a major impact on a business' future.

When it comes to sexual harassment accusations, there are different considerations to go over. If the law has been broken, those responsible should be held accountable for what they have done and steps should be taken to prevent additional violations from transpiring. On the other hand, you should also keep in mind that not all allegations are truthful. There are different steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of sexual harassment from occurring, such as training programs and raising awareness. Employees should know which behaviors are not acceptable and any allegations of wrongdoing should be investigated thoroughly.

In trade secret case, Waymo makes confident settlement offer

After a series of pretrial victories for Waymo and several setbacks for Uber, Waymo recently made an interesting settlement offer in its trade secret case. The Alphabet, Inc., subsidiary offered to drop the lawsuit if Uber agreed to an independent monitor to ensure it doesn't use any Waymo technology, pays at least $1 billion in damages and offers a public apology.

Uber rejected the offer as a non-starter.

Few will disagree that contract disputes can hurt the bottom line

California business owners really have their work cut out for them when it comes to trying to keep their workers, clients and partners happy and satisfied with any service, product or agreement they may make with them. Contract disputes are relatively common in the business world. However, if left unresolved, they can really cause a lot problems for a business. One of the best ways to prevent bottom line losses regarding contract disagreements is to know ahead of time where to reach for support if a problem arises.

Sometimes, disputes occur when contracts are being negotiated. Perhaps an initial contract has expired and it is time for renewal. This is often time, where workers are concerned at least, when salaries, benefits and other individual matters are updated; it's also when disagreements tend to delay final settlements.

Construction litigation may end with $500,000 payment

Many Californians attend sports arenas to cheer on their favorite teams or go to concerts or other events held in such venues. A sports center in another state has been the central focus of a construction litigation situation that may finally have a solution in sight. The company that built the center stands to come out on top by getting back $500,000.

The approved payment would bring an end the lengthy litigation. Another construction company had accused the builders and the arena board of unfair business practices when earthwork and other pre-construction projects were awarded to one of its competitors. The filing of that lawsuit in 2008 led to nearly a decade of litigation.

Contract disputes with unions can hurt your bottom line

Running a successful business takes a lot of time, energy and investment. Chances are that you've spent many years developing your company and building it to a point where you can afford to retain skilled staff. Now, you've been informed that your staff has decided to unionize. Your employees are hoping to leverage their contributions to your company's success for better pay, different working conditions and different benefits.

That can leave you in a difficult position. Under the National Labor Relations Act, you can't penalize your employees for trying to unionize or prevent them from doing so. However, you may have to look closely at the aims of the union and the way that it may impact your business. Increased wages, an inability to terminate workers who perform poorly and expensive benefits could undermine your company's ability to succeed.

Are contract disputes threatening your bottom line?

As a California business owner, you no doubt try to get the most for your money and keep production levels at their highest. Any number of problems can cause delays or hurt your bottom line. If you can successfully negotiate your way out of contract disputes, things may get better before they get worse.

However, unresolved disputes can do a heap of damage from which it may be difficult to recover. Whether you're facing problems with a worker or group of employees, or have run into a snag regarding an existing agreement with another company, you no doubt want to take the swiftest path toward an agreeable solution before things get out of hand. If another party has breached a contract, you have every right to seek legal enforcement of your signed agreement.

All those involved happy as contract disputes come to an end

California parents are hopping on the back-to-school bandwagon along with thousands of other parents in the nation. Contract disputes between faculty and administrators in another state nearly continued into the start of the upcoming year. Thankfully, the situation has come to a peaceful end with all involved reportedly satisfied with the outcome.

The situation involved teachers who worked throughout the 2016-2017 school year with no contract. They've been arguing with administrators over certain core issues and until now, were unable to achieve an agreeable solution to their contract problems. Administrators didn't seem to want to budge where time off for religious holidays and family leaves are concerned. These were but two of several other key factors impeding a new agreement.

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