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Professional Advocacy In Wage And Hour Disputes

In theory, paying employees should be a relatively straightforward exercise. However, there are numerous state and federal laws that govern employee payments, and allegations of noncompliance and other wage and hour disputes can prove costly to employers. That is why it is important to defend your business interests through skilled legal representation.

At Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP, our lawyers understand the complexities of wage and hour regulations in California. We are committed to helping employers resolve their disputes as efficiently and effectively as possible.

What Issues Are Covered By Wage And Hour Laws?

Although there are cases where employees may claim that they are not being paid for large chunks of their time spent at work, more and more litigation is arising regarding time spent on breaks, meals and other aspects of a job. Such matters are covered by wage and hour laws as well as other issues, including:

Because wage and hour regulations are covered by both federal and state laws, it is possible for an employer to be in compliance at the federal level, but an employer may not meet the more stringent requirements set forth by the state. We can let you know what is required by the various laws, help you with compliance and do everything we can to help you avoid costly and time-consuming litigation.

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