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Contract disputes may put upcoming racing season on hold

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

In California and elsewhere, horse racing is a popular means of attracting socialites and boosting a community’s economy. A lot goes into the planning and execution of a successful racing season. When contract disputes arise, it can put on a damper on the fun for all who may be involved.

County supervisors in another state have been working to resolve various issues regarding proposals that have been made, suggesting certain upgrades and improvements to racetrack grounds as part of a possible contract extension. Supervisors postponed a December vote, raising questions about the contract as well as future racing plans for the park. One supervisor lamented that the extensive repairs proposed are not economically feasible and other maintenance issues, such as road repair, should have priority over upgrades to kitchens or restrooms.

The president of the park foundation that sponsors the annual racing season at the park stated that he understands the financial impact that many of the changes would have. However, he also said that such changes are necessary in order to build a successful racing business and attract private assistance and interest within the community. He said that his foundation is merely trying to help the park reach its full business potential.

One of the park administrators suggested using profits from last racing season or hosting fundraisers to obtain monies needed for new barns and other improvements on the grounds. Some involved would like a more long-term contract, while others have argued that a year-to-year renewal basis is the better choice. It remains to be seen whether the upcoming racing season will take place on time or whether current contract disputes will cause further delays or cancellations. Typically, it is advisable to seek guidance from an experienced business and commercial law attorney when facing legal challenges involving contracts in California.

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