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Contract disputes lead to unhappy Chainsmokers fans

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

Legal contracts between business entities can be complex and subject to various interpretations. It is crucial that California business owners carefully word their contracts. Equally important, anyone planning on signing an agreement should first make certain that the legal language contained therein is understood in the same way and agreed upon by all whose signatures will be included. Contract disputes are something most company owners or service providers want to avoid; however, they are not uncommon in the world of business as evidenced by a recent dispute between the Chainsmokers and Notre Dame University.

The recent conflict occurred between the popular disc jockey twosome and Notre Dame University and has apparently left some 800 ticket-holders disappointed. Tickets for an upcoming event to be hosted on campus by the electronic-music stars were apparently purchased through a mobile app and website. At the eleventh hour, so-to-speak, the Chainsmokers reneged, saying that a contract dispute was the reason for their sudden cancellation.

Reportedly, the contract between the Chainsmokers and Notre Dame included a particular stipulation that has not been made known to the public. The Chainsmokers claim that the university refused to honor the stipulation, which they say was non-negotiable on their part. Hence, the show was cancelled, and students were given the opportunity to collect a refund or keep their tickets to use at another venue in the future.

In certain circumstances, a California business owner may feel the need to seek legal assistance if a party that has signed an agreement refuses to fulfill the inherent obligations and responsibilities contained in the contract. Business and commercial law attorneys are typically accustomed to advising those facing legal challenges because of contract disputes. By consulting with an experienced attorney, a business owner might be able to better determine how best to proceed to resolve the issues.

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