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Legal assistance re contract disputes in California businesses

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

California business owners understand the importance of seeking clarification of all legal terms and specified obligations contained within a suggested contract before signing any agreement. Misinterpretation of any stipulations or requirements can lead to contract disputes further down the line. Savvy business owners do everything in their power to avoid such disputes because such problems can have a negative impact on a company’s daily progress.

A recent disagreement between an employee association and another state is slated to go before the state’s labor relations board in the near future. Those involved have already agreed to follow their current contract with an updated two-year deal. However, there seems to be disagreement between the two entities as to certain terms contained in the fine print.

The State of Vermont has offered a total 2.7 percent pay increase under the prospective terms of the new, yet unsigned agreement. The Vermont State Employees Association does not appear to be satisfied with that offer and has proposed a total pay increase of more than 3 percent. Apparently, each percent increase values at approximately $6 million in needed state funding to cover the salaries.

Advocates for the employees have stated that, generally speaking, state employees carry heavy workloads but receive 13 percent less in salaries than private sector workers. Others in California may be facing similar contract disputes regarding wages, benefits or requests for salary increases. A business and commercial law attorney may be able to offer keen insight and guidance to those seeking swift and agreeable resolutions to such problems.

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