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NFL linebacker involved in contract disputes, might not train

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

Millions of fans and television viewers in California and beyond follow each NFL season with zealous interest. Many have favorite players and keep track of their career stats and personal lives in the media. When the stakes are high (as is often the case for top-ranking professional football players) contract disputes sometimes get in the way of a productive season. NFL linebacker, Brandon Marshall, is reportedly trying to resolve a disagreement over certain details in a new contract offer management has offered for the coming season.

Marshall was reportedly paid more than $495,000 last season for his key role in 16 season games. This season, the team has apparently offered to increase his pay to $2.533 million. However, Marshall has requested a long-term agreement.

Denver Bronco fans and teammates are undoubtedly waiting to see whether the defensive lineman attends the upcoming voluntary training sessions for the team that are scheduled for mid-April 2016. Mandatory training camp begins in June and there is no telling whether the current issues will be resolved by then. In similar situations, the guidance of an attorney is often sought to help overcome the legal obstacles that arise during contract negotiations or disputes.

In California, those facing contract disputes may benefit by requesting consultations through a business and commercial law office. It is crucial that all legal terms and obligations contained within a proposed contract be clearly defined and understood before any signatures are added. An attorney would be able to provide such clarification and help protect a client’s best interests when seeking a swift and fair resolution to a contract problem.

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