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Professional fighter center of recent contract disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

In many professional sports or entertainment industries, notable persons act alongside the guidance and negotiation skills of their managers. Whether a situation in California involves publicity, salary or any number of other important details, contract disputes often arise that impede job performance and success. A recent situation involves former professional fighter, Canelo Alvarez.

Alvarez was well known as a world champion fighter. On a recent Monday, he was called to testify in court regarding contract problems. An All Star Boxing promoter is apparently seeking a monetary judgment for damages against the former champion.

The promoters who have filed the legal claim say Alvarez had no right to sign another contract with a new promotion company while he was still under contract with them. They are seeking damages against the former athlete and the promotion company with whom he allegedly signed a new contract. Damages have been listed as $27 million. Alvarez says he remembers signing a piece of paper that was shown to him in a court of law. He apparently can not read English, because he said the document was written in English and he did not understand what he was signing.

Often the legal terms contained in a contract define each signed parties’ responsibilities and obligations under agreement. It is crucial that all significant persons involved gain clear understanding of terms therein, before adding their names to the bottom line. A California business and commercial law attorney can provide clarification of laws and all language contained in a document so as to avoid possible contract disputes further down the line. An attorney will work to protect a client’s business interests and accomplish all immediate and long-term legal goals.

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