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Pursuing regulatory compliance issues in California workplaces

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2016 | Regulatory Compliance |

Just as employees are often required to sign contracts before they begin working for various businesses, employers are also typically bound by certain regulations set forth by the Department of Labor. When a regulatory compliance issue arises, steps can be taken to rectify the situation. All California employees are advised to seek clarification and obtain information regarding DOL regulations so they will be aware of any violations during their courses of employment.

Department of Labor regulations often concern employer/employee relations, payroll and workplace safety and conditions. Employers are also required to follow certain rules regarding record-keeping and benefits that have to do with taking leaves of absence, health and retirement issues. There are also various regulations pertaining to hiring and firing employees to which all employers must adhere.

Such issues are regulated and enforced by the federal government. Individual states and regions are also able to implement regulatory standards of their choosing to which employers within their locales must comply. There have been incidents where employees have faced regulation violations at both levels. Pursuing such matters against an employer may be less stressful if the help of an experienced business and commercial law attorney who has successfully assisted other workers in the area is sought.

Any California employee who believes an employer has committed a regulatory compliance violation can seek guidance from a business lawyer. Whether the person has been wrongfully terminated, suffered discrimination during the hiring process, or has not received just payments according to an employment contract, an attorney can investigate the situation and help determine how best to proceed to obtain a positive result. Depending on an individual situation, after all laws and regulations of that particular area are taken into consideration, various options may be available. An attorney can offer guidance as to which option may best suit a particular worker’s needs.

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