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Contract disputes lead to public protest

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

The outside of Roseburg Forest Products’ new headquarters in another state became the scene of public protest on a recent Wednesday. Employees who are engaged in contract disputes held signs to air their grievances. The group was comprised of at least 30 current and former Roseburg workers. Many California workers have experienced similar contract problems.

One spokesperson for the workers said she and her colleagues simply want a fair agreement. They have reportedly been unable to obtain one since their previous 4-year contract expired in June 2016. Some of the signs held in the recent public protest stated that workers do not want 12-hour shifts but do want pensions to which they believe they are entitled.

A man who works as a lathe operator at the company said many workers are upset that managers want to freeze pension plans. He also said employees are protesting being forced to work overtime when requested to do so. These two issues, the employee said, are central points of negotiation in the current contract disputes.

An executive from the company declined to comment, other than to say Roseburg Forest Products provides competitive wages and benefits to its employees. The senior vice president of human resources and labor relations also said the company recognizes that the efforts and commitment of its employees are integral parts of its success. Contract disputes that remain unresolved for extended periods of time often threaten the best interests of both workers and employers. Those facing such issues in California may seek support through guidance from experienced business and commercial law attorneys.

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