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Facing regulatory compliance issues as a new business owner

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Regulatory Compliance |

It can be very exciting to bring a new business dream to fruition in California. Many areas throughout the state are considered prime locations for businesses of all sorts. Difficulties often arise when launching new businesses, however. One issue that can be especially challenging is regulatory compliance.

Compliance regulations are broad spectrum and vary from state to state, depending on the type of business being started. For instance, if one plans to open a restaurant, it is advisable to check existing laws and regulations governing the serving and/or selling of alcohol. Business regulations also often include environmental, health and safety issues. State and local laws are open to change; thus, being well-informed on such issues includes keeping updated on any changes that may be made in order to avoid problems.

Being accused of an ordinance violation can greatly impede both current and future business success. A business may develop a bad reputation if it is repeatedly cited for failing to meet codes or adhere to regulations. In fact, some matters may result in businesses being ordered to shut down until such issues are resolved.

Because California regulatory compliance laws are often complex, new business owners in particular are advised to seek experienced counsel before moving forward with their entrepreneurial plans. A business and commercial law attorney can guide a prospective business owner through the entire process of developing, opening and maintaining a new company. If a compliance problem already exists, acting alongside skilled guidance may help achieve a more swift and positive outcome.

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