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Contract disputes are best avoided but that’s not always possible

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

Most California business owners understand the importance of clarifying state and federal laws and understanding all related terms before entering any type of legally binding agreement. Even when a business owner has taken all appropriate steps to protect bottom line interests, contract disputes sometimes arise that not only threaten immediate production but also long-term business success. There are several things business owners can to do avoid contract problems, and there are resources available for those who have been unable to do so.

It is crucial to understand the obligations and responsibilities of all parties contained within a contract before signing anything. Terminology in an agreement may be complex; therefore, it is typically best to have a business and commercial law attorney review a contract in order to clarify any gray areas. If a contract has already been signed and concerns regarding a possible breach have arisen, an attorney can assess the situation and provide counsel as to what may be the best means for addressing the issue in a swift and cost-effective manner.

Contract disputes often involve issues such as payroll, goods and services and benefits. Depending on particular circumstances, disputes can cause significant deadline delays and can also lead to group actions such as worker strikes or similar protests against management. Regardless of details concerning your current contract problems, seeking outside intervention may help expedite the process of obtaining an agreeable solution.

If you are having difficulty resolving contract disputes, or simply wish to avoid such problems by acting alongside skilled guidance,  you may contact the California law office of Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP to request a consultation. Your business goals are of paramount importance to us. We are prepared to negotiate on your behalf and are able to aggressively litigate any situation that warrants it.



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