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New developments in contract disputes between deputies and county

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

A county outside California has been engaged in a contentious battle with a local police officers’ union for the past several years. Headway was recently made in the contract disputes. In fact, after recent developments, the union reportedly withdrew two of its grievances.

The situation initially unfolded in 2012 when 11 road patrol deputies were laid off from their positions.  Deputies at the time were allegedly upset that two officers (one who worked in courthouse security, the other in transportation) were not included in proposed wage packages when a new contract was being negotiated. The issue apparently pertained to a job status change listing the employees under the Police Association of Michigan rather than the Governmental Employees Labor Council as they had previously been categorized.

New developments in the case apparently clarified those issues stating workers whose statuses change are bound to old wage packages until new contracts are negotiated within their new statuses. At least, for the time being, the county commission considers the recent developments victorious on their part. New negotiations are slated to begin soon.

Contract disputes often remain unresolved unless those involved seek legal representation. Many times, successful outcomes are only obtained when intervention is sought in court.  Anyone in California facing such problems or other business-related matters that may be delaying production or impeding potential business success may request immediate guidance from an experienced business and commercial law attorney. Many attorneys are also skilled negotiators who can act on behalf of one or more parties to seek fair and agreeable solutions to unresolved business problems.

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