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Woman says court’s ruling on regulatory compliance issue not good

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Regulatory Compliance |

Many California townspeople are familiar with food vending trucks that frequent fairgrounds and cities nationwide. Food vendors often face regulatory compliance issues that affect the way they conduct business. A recent court case in another state has left one woman quite unhappy. She says she plans to appeal the court’s decision because it is ruining her food truck business.

The food truck owner has been engaged in a 4-year long battle in the city where she works. Many truck vendors have voiced their agreement to her opinion that regulations passed in 2012 have gravely affected food vending sales. In fact, many truck vendors have apparently been unable to stay in business because of the regulations.

Several ordinances have current food vendors concerned. For instance, one regulation states food trucks may not remain parked in the same spot for more than two hours at a time. This particular ordinance was not one of the ones challenged in the recent lawsuit, however.

Regulations that were challenged include one that requires food vending trucks to stay at least 200 feet or more away from restaurants or any establishment that regularly sells food. Another ordinance requires food vendors in Chicago to agree to have their trucks outfitted with city-monitored GPS tracking devices. The woman in this particular case argued that such rules are unconstitutional and says she plans to appeal the court’s decision to uphold the ordinances. Food vendors and other business people in California facing similar regulatory compliance issues may contact a business and commercial law attorney to explore options available for addressing their situations in court.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Food truck loses 4-year court battle over city regulations, vows to appeal“, Samantha Bomkamp, Dec. 5, 2016



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