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Civil official gets involved in contract disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | Contract Disputes |

A contentious situation has been ongoing in a state far east of California. Recently, the mayor of a particular city decided to get involved in current contract disputes by voicing his opinion in a public forum. He offered thoughts regarding a labor strike and how it might be affecting the community at large.

The disagreement began in March of this year when Charter Communications field technicians and engineers walked off their jobs. In fact, they have not yet returned to their duties since that time. Three main issues appear to be at the heart of the embittered contract disagreement, namely benefits, wages and disciplinary protocol.

During his recent appearance on television, the mayor encouraged those involved to resolve their differences for the good of the people in New York City. His next comments led many to believe he sides with the workers because he said they are merely trying to make ends meet and deserve fair treatment. Charter Communications’ CEO was also mentioned in rather unfavorable terms by the mayor, citing his exorbitant $98 million per year salary, including pension plans, stock options and bonuses, etc.

The mayor said that, if the cable company can pay its CEO this much money, he believes they must have the appropriate resources to offer their workers decent wages as well. Contract disputes like this one often affect private citizens when services are delayed or cut altogether. An experienced business and commercial law attorney can act in the best interests of a California client to seek the most fair and reasonable outcome available.

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