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Many auto dealerships think that their legal issues are so unique that no attorney has experience with it. However, Burkhalter, Kessler, Clement, & George, LLP, is here to represent auto dealers throughout our state. We have that specialized experience auto dealerships are looking for and have obtained positive outcomes for our dealer clients. This includes dealer versus manufacturer and dealer versus dealer litigation, including New Motor Vehicle Board litigation.

Practice areas related to auto dealership law

It may shock some auto dealerships, but yes, we do have the experience needed. Along with our litigation experience, we work in transactional advisory roles to help clients buy and sell dealerships and real estate. Specifically, along with the experiences already listed, we have representing clients in the following matters: relocation protests, termination protests, add point protests, executive compensation programs, facility improvement requests, dealership buy-sell transactions and dealership employment law issues. Plus, we have attained positive results for clients in NMVB hearings.

Strategic legal strategies

Moreover, Burkhalter, Kessler, Clement, & George, LLP, provides strategic legal strategies that relate to consumer defense, like Consumers Legal Remedies Act claims, California’s “Lemon Law,” the Truth in Lending Act, the “single document” rule under the Automobile Sales Finance Act and other auto dealership regulations.


Do not just take our word for it either. After all, we have the results to back up our experiences. Indeed, our firm is the only one in our state that has won multiple jury trials against manufacturers. These cases awarding multimillion-dollar verdicts for our dealer clients, including a $5.4 million jury verdict against Hummer and a $3.1 million jury verdict against Nissan.

For auto dealerships in Irvine, California, Orange County, and California generally, we have the experience dealerships need. Regardless of the legal issues, Burkhalter, Kessler, Clement, & George, LLP, can help.



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