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How fallout from Silicon Valley collapse affects big business

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2023 | Corporate Finance and Restructuring |

If you’re the owner or a partner in a large corporation, and you have more than a quarter million dollars in a Silicon Valley bank, you might be feeling stressed and anxious about financial stability, and with good reason. Money is fully insured by the federal government in Silicon Valley bank accounts totaling less than $250,000.  

We cannot yet see in full context the fallout from the recent banking collapse. Such crises can trigger recession and can also compel lenders to be less open to lending. These and other issues can have a significant impact on American business owners. If you’re going to survive (and continue to thrive), it’s important to understand the overall effect the banking collapse may have, as well as to know where to seek support and how to explore options for navigating these troubling times and retaining financial solvency.  

Business owners may have less access to money 

If lenders are not as willing to enter loan agreements following the Silicon Valley banking collapse, it can adversely affect you, as a business owner, in numerous ways, including those mentioned in the following list:  

  • It can hinder real estate development.  
  • You might not be able to buy a house or vehicle as easily as you could have before the collapse.  
  • If you were planning on expanding your business, the collapse might create a tremendous obstacle.  
  • Slower economic growth on the national scale might negatively affect your business’ financial health.  

Each of these issues has the potential to affect your business in a negative way. Navigating turbulent financial times is less stressful when you have a strong support network in place to help you overcome challenges and stay afloat, even in the aftermath of a Silicon Valley Bank collapse.  

Restructuring and reorganizing your finances is a key to success 

There’s always room for improvement in business. This is usually true regarding finances, as well. If you’re worried about the future and how the recent Silicon Valley Bank collapse may adversely affect your business, it’s wise to conduct a thorough review of your current financial portfolio and implement changes or updates, as needed, to stay afloat and lay the groundwork for financial stability as economic events continue to unfold on a global scale.   

Restructuring and reorganizing your finances can help promote business profitability. Financial strategies are customizable. You can execute a plan that fits your company’s unique needs and commerce goals.  



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