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Determining whether employment litigation is necessary

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Employment Litigation |

California employers face a number of challenges on any given day in the workplace. Maintaining amicable and appropriate relationships with employees is typically a priority to keep things running smoothly and productivity and profit levels high. When a worker files a complaint or claims an employer has been unjust, stressful situations may evolve that lead to employment litigation.

With regard to wage issues, there are state and federal laws that govern such matters. If a worker accuses an employer of not complying with those laws, it may cause the employer to have to defend his or her business interests. To many employers, time is money; therefore, it is typically best to seek positive solutions to such problems in as swift and economically feasible a fashion as possible.

Retaining the assistance of a business and commercial law attorney to act on one’s behalf in court may increase the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome. At Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP, we are experienced in helping employers address situations pertaining to wage and hour disputes. To begin the process, we can first offer clarification of state and federal laws to help you make certain you are in compliance at both levels.

If possible, we will do everything we can to help you avoid employment litigation. Such endeavors are usually quite time-consuming and may be costly, as well. If an amicable solution to your problem does not seem likely without court intervention, we will do our best to achieve a fair and positive result on your behalf. By calling our California office to arrange a meeting, you can take the first steps toward dispute resolution and protection of your bottom line interests.



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