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Where to go for help if construction litigation is unavoidable

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Construction Litigation |

No California business owner wants to waste time and money on lengthy courtroom battles surrounding disputes that have arisen during construction projects. While it is not uncommon for disputes to arise, most savvy business owners hope to avoid construction litigation whenever possible. However, it is good to know where to go for help should efforts to resolve a particular issue without intervention prove ineffectual.

Whether filing a complaint or contesting an action taken against one’s business, chances of obtaining favorable results may increase through consultation with an experienced business and commercial law attorney. A skilled attorney understands the various factors that often lead to contract disputes, which may include terms and agreement problems, environmental situations or more complex matters. Regardless what caused a dispute, having a business advocate on one’s side in court often helps obtain successful results.

Unresolved construction problems can be quite costly to business owners. If a particular issue is not properly managed, it may lead to delays or other situations that threaten production and profits. Consequently, allowing an experienced advocate to address a situation on one’s behalf may expedite the resolution process and help protect the bottom line.

Burkhalter Kessler Clement & George LLP serves clients throughout California and across the nation. One of our attorneys is also a certified public accountant, which enables us to apply special insight to situations involving financial or accounting issues. Our dedicated legal team has a proven track record in many jury trials, and we are prepared to assist you in resolving any construction litigation problems you may currently face.



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