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California Law Significantly Expands’ Employer’s Obligation to Provide Employees with Sexual Harassment Training

For more than a decade prior to 2019, California law only obligated relatively large employers with fifty or more employees to provide sexual harassment training to just supervisory level employees. Beginning this year, California law dramatically expanded these...

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Don’t Press Your Luck With Press Releases Regarding Pending Company Lawsuits

Because Southern California companies have enough to worry about what with employment lawsuits, traffic, and the ever-present possibility of a light sprinkle, it is crucial to avoid any mistakes that could expose your company to liability in the dissemination of a...

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Constructing a Solid Defense:

Gets Full Defense Award in $2 Million Claim By Contractor Against Long Time Client  Never walk off the job. That was the message that resonated through the tens of thousands of documents, months of...

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California Passes New Law Aimed at Increasing Corporate Diversity

California has become the first state to require all publicly traded companies based in California to have at least one woman on their board of directors in a push to increase equality in the workplace. The law, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on September 30, 2018...

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Better Late Than Never – Late Notice May Not Be Detrimental To Coverage Under An Occurrence Policy

As anyone who has ever tried to read through an insurance policy can attest, there are pages upon pages of terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations, definitions, and ... notice requirements. Most notice requirements in policies mandate that notice of a claim be...

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3 Items For Your Winter Corporate Check-Up

One of 's main goals is to help our clients avoid legal problems from occurring in the first place and, with that in mind, based on our clients' experiences and recent legal developments, we suggest you consider doing the following 3 things...

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