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Owner of Hannah the Pet Society involved in business litigation

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Business Litigation |

People often name businesses after loved ones. That’s what a man did when he started a pet business, caring for other people’s animals. His company is called Hannah the Pet Society, and he charges a monthly fee for veterinary care and food when he obtains ownership of other people’s pets. Recently, a situation has developed that has led to business litigation between Hannah the Pet Society’s owner and the state outside California where the company has its roots.

A spokesman for the company said they have not been accused of any criminal wrongdoing. The state, however, has accused the company of unfair trade practices. In doing so, the state requested copies of certain documents after receiving word the company had euthanized several pets.

The company filed a lawsuit to block access to its documents. The state (Oregon) has also accused Hannah the Pet Society of false advertising, saying it purchases animals from breeding farms when it tells people it gets its animals from shelters. The company has adamantly stated that it has not done anything wrong.

The business litigation situation will likely continue for some time before it is resolved. It’s not uncommon for one side to file a lawsuit and then another to file a counter lawsuit when these types of problems arise. The answer to protecting business interests and obtaining a favorable outcome for similar issues in California often lies in retaining experienced and aggressive business and commercial law assistance. An attorney understands the law and can access the most viable option toward securing a positive outcome on behalf of a client.

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