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Construction litigation may end with $500,000 payment

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

Many Californians attend sports arenas to cheer on their favorite teams or go to concerts or other events held in such venues. A sports center in another state has been the central focus of a construction litigation situation that may finally have a solution in sight. The company that built the center stands to come out on top by getting back $500,000.

The approved payment would bring an end the lengthy litigation. Another construction company had accused the builders and the arena board of unfair business practices when earthwork and other pre-construction projects were awarded to one of its competitors. The filing of that lawsuit in 2008 led to nearly a decade of litigation.

In the meantime, the arena board was holding on to $500,000, saying it didn’t find it appropriate to give it to the company until the legal situation was resolved. Earlier this summer, a Kentucky judge ruled that the builders failed to adhere to state law when it awarded the subcontract work to the other company’s competitor. The judge ordered the battling companies to enter mediation to solve their problems.

Since that ruling, arena authorities have approved a plan to pay back monies from the builders’ account, keeping $63,000 remaining in its own account. Arena authorities say this plan would end its involvement in the construction litigation. Such matters are often complex and quite difficult to resolve without experienced representation in court. Most California business owners stay closely connected to experienced business and commercial law attorneys at all times so help is only a phone call away if a problem arises.

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