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Consequences that come with sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2017 | Labor And Employment Law |

Sexual harassment is a topic has seen increased attention recently, but the consequences of this problem are very real for those affected. Our California law office knows that unlawful harassment can not only shatter the lives of victims, but also the companies they work for and even those accused of this offense. If you are a business owner and a sexual harassment case has recently arisen, you should not postpone any steps to properly address the situation. In fact, even if no allegations have surfaced, it could be smart to take additional steps to prevent this violation from occurring.

For victims, sexual harassment can make work very difficult. Sometimes, it can even spell the end of a career. Mental issues, such as depression or high stress, can also create challenges for those who have been subjected to various forms of sexual harassment. At the same time, these accusations can be troubling for a company. For example, a company may have its reputation shattered if people find that proper preventative measures were not in place or violations were not handled correctly. This could prevent skilled employees from pursuing positions with the company or even cause customers to take their money elsewhere. Moreover, some people may be falsely accused of sexual harassment and those who are charged with this offense may also have their world crumble.

These are serious charges and a significant problem in the American workplace. If you browse to the labor and employment law page on our site, more on sexual harassment is available.



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