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Employee slip-and-fall suits

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2018 | Business Litigation |

Workers are hurt on the job in all sorts of ways and these accidents can be incredibly difficult for workers and those who employ them. Whether a worker is hurt in a medical facility or injured while using dangerous machinery, many different types of workplace accidents take place. Some were genuine accidents and leave workers with devastating injuries that they need to recover from physically and financially, while others may be fabricated or exaggerated by a worker in an attempt to secure compensation. For example, someone may move forward with a lawsuit and claim that they were hurt in a slip-and-fall accident that their employer was responsible for.

Sometimes, these slip-and-fall accidents may result in a workers’ comp claim. In other cases, an employee may believe that someone else was directly responsible for their accident and they might decide to take their case to the courtroom. For example, they may blame the accident on an employer who allegedly failed to properly maintain the premises. Moreover, some of these slip-and-fall incidents are not even valid and are based on a worker’s lies. For example, someone may purposely fall down and pretend that the accident was caused by some other factor.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents involving slip-and-fall incidents or any other type of scenario can be very damaging from the perspective of a business owner. Not only is reputation on the line, but a great deal of money may be also. As a result, you should carefully look over the case if an employee lawsuit has arisen.



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