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Make sure your employee handbook is complete

| Feb 27, 2019 | Labor And Employment Law |

Whether you have a large corporation in California or you only employ a couple workers, it is imperative you have a thorough and complete employee handbook. It outlines expectations, gives clear details about company policies and, in turn, prevents legal issues for you as the employer. Take the time to craft a good one so you do not run into difficulties later on.

According to Inc, it is best to outline company policies in a positive and friendly manner. This helps set up employee expectations as well as protect the employer from litigation in the future. A handbook should reflect the culture of the company and be clear and understandable. Some detailed policies you should have in an employee handbook include

  • How the company rates the performance of workers
  • How the employer determines raises and promotions
  • Benefits such as health insurance, retirement, disability etc.
  • Time off such as vacation, personal time and sick days
  • How the company treats disputes

Keep federal and state requirements in mind when you write your handbook. For example, CalChamber states that employers in California can unilaterally change the handbook within certain guidelines. California companies must also include policies regarding

  • Retaliation prevention
  • Age, race, religion and gender discrimination
  • Sexual, verbal and physical harassment

If you do not write an employee handbook correctly, this can be grounds for a lawsuit. That is why you should always hire an attorney to look over the handbook to make sure you are covering all mandatory policies and that it is complete.






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