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How can I avoid scams when buying a car?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2020 | Auto Dealership Law |

Buying a car in California is a big decision. You want to rest assured that the vehicle you are paying for is worth the price and that the price you are being charged is not needlessly inflated. Unfortunately, there are numerous car buying scams you must be on the lookout for. Here are just a few, along with tips on how you can avoid them. 

Knowing the exact type of car and features you want is a good thing, but it can also come back to haunt you. Most car dealerships will not have the exact type of car you are after, even if they make claims online about the variety of their inventory. In this case, the salesperson might attempt to sell you a car that is much more expensive, even if you have explained your desired budget. Know what you want, but also have some backup options in mind that still fall in line with your budget. 

If you choose to lease a vehicle, do not be fooled by the promise of low monthly payments. You might be required to put down a massive down payment, or the vehicle might be restricted to an unreasonably low mileage limit that is impossible for you to abide by. Make sure all claims made by the car dealership are present in the lease before signing. 

The advertised price is not always what you are going to pay when it comes to the final transaction. Many dealerships tack on hidden costs, which do not become evident until you are signing the buyer’s agreement. Have all costs explained to you before coming to an agreement with the dealership. Do not be afraid to ask about any costs that seem suspicious. 



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