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Consider landscaping to boost your home value

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Real Estate Law |

Most people have finite resources when it comes to renovating properties. This is especially true when people renovate homes they currently live in with the hope of improving the value for sale. Several great renovation choices exist, but do not neglect the possibility of revamping the outside. 

Landscaping improves the curb appeal for a home and sets the tone. However, try not to go overboard, as too much yard work might also turn away buyers looking for a low-maintenance home. Keep this in mind when making changes. 

Plant trees 

Home improvement brand HGTV reports that mature trees might improve the value of a home. It costs very little to plant a tree and many homeowners can do so themselves, though this is an investment one might need to make very early on in the homeownership journey. That said, some homeowners commission the installation of mature trees. Whatever the method, sellers expect the home value to increase by up to 19%. 

Keep up maintenance 

If the seller can not keep up with the maintenance, it might have two effects. First, the buyer might feel turned off by the unkempt yard and form a negative expectation of the indoors that can become difficult to shake. On the other hand, buyers might wonder if the seller cannot keep up with maintenance on an otherwise beautiful property, how can they? When well-maintained however, proper landscaping provides more privacy, makes better use of yard space and increases entertainment opportunities. 

Set a Budget 

One Washington Post article recommends setting a landscaping budget at 10% of the current value of the home. While not every landscaping project reaps success, the article shares an instance where one couple invested $20,000 and earned an additional $200,000 on a property they purchased just one year before. That worked out to a 1000% return on the investment. 

Whether buyers want to enjoy private yoga medications, provide space for children to play and give dogs room to get exercise, yards can improve sales prospects. The key is making the yard worthy of the right buyer’s attention. 



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