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Political groups spar over intellectual property in California

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Business Litigation |

In California and across the United States, business disputes are common. While these are often perceived as involving rivals for the same customer base or those who are involved in a similar idea or product, there are times when there are ideological similarities.

Often, these individuals or entities had worked together toward the same goal in the past, but an intellectual property or trademark disagreement has escalated to a legal dispute. In these or any other cases involving copyrights, trademarks and concerns in these areas, it may be beneficial to consider having legal assistance to deal with it.

Non-profit activists involved in lawsuit over trademark issues

Two conservative groups are in dispute over trademarks and names as part of a recent lawsuit. One, based in Texas, has filed a claim in California saying that a former member of its group is using its name there without permission. The group represents conservative causes in Texas. Its California counterpart is accused of various illegal acts including cyber-squatting, unfair competition, trademark violations and breach of contract.

The California entity is using the same name as the Texas entity. The latter wants to put a stop to that, take its website down and force it to stop using social media accounts identifying itself by that name. There is also a patent for the name that the Texas group wants canceled as the founder of the California entity is accused of filing it fraudulently. Ironically, when examining the goals of the groups, they are remarkably similar.

Still, the California entity was contacting its supporters making accusations against the Texas entity for stealing the name. They had worked together before having a falling out, sparking the sequence of events that has culminated with this lawsuit.

Protecting intellectual property and defending against accusations

When creating an idea or product, it may be necessary to collaborate with others. If disagreements arise and the sides part ways, there may be a fight over ownership, trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and other aspects of intellectual property. Negotiation is sometimes fruitful. If not, a legal filing could be required. This is true with any business, product or idea whether it is selling a tangible item or is trying to further a cause. For those who are concerned about this and need assistance with business transactions and litigation, an experienced legal professional may be helpful.



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