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Former Apple employee sued for alleged trade secret violations

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California companies that rely on innovation as a foundation for their business will want to be fully protected from illegal behaviors on the part of employees and contractors who might have valuable knowledge. It is unfortunate that some people will try to use information they have accrued as part of their work for their own benefit and violate contracts and the law. Still, when it happens, any company – large, midsized or small – should be cognizant of its rights to file a claim and hold accountable those who are believed to have behaved unethically, immorally and illegally. Having experienced and professional help is essential in these cases.

Apple says former employee leaked information to reporter

In a business lawsuit, a former worker at Apple is accused of using inside information to get favorable press for his startup by leaking it to a reporter. The man had worked at Apple for more than a decade in engineering and design. With that, he was privy to sensitive inside information and is alleged to have tried to use that to his advantage. Apple is serious about its trade secrets because of its reputation for cutting edge products. The man left Apple in November 2019 to work on a startup.

The lawsuit says he exchanged correspondence with a journalist beginning in 2018 regarding products Apple was working on and advancements it was set to unveil. He sought assistance from the journalist for his own startup and was said to be worried as to how Apple’s hardware might negatively impact its value. He specifically requested certain stories and provided advice on framing. In addition, he attended an Apple meeting about a project when he had already resigned and was not supposed to be there. On his final day of work – two hours before his access would end – he was accused of downloading trade secrets. Apple even provided the time at which this allegedly occurred.

Having legal assistance is key when protecting trade secrets

While it might be hard for some companies to relate to the problems a global brand like Apple is facing with its trade secrets, it is wise to remember that Apple was once a small company just starting out. Any business with a product or advancements that it wants to sell could be damaged by trade secret violations. For assistance in fighting these behaviors, having legal help with business litigation is imperative.




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