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Protecting your business from employee lawsuits

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2021 | Employment Litigation |

Businesses in California know that these days there is no shortage of employment laws that they must comply with and, if they don’t, there is always the prospect of a lawsuit on the horizon. Most businesses do everything they can to comply with state and federal employment laws in order to avoid litigation with current or former employees but, as we all see in the news frequently enough, sometimes the best efforts of a business simply are not enough to prevent employee lawsuits.

There is a wide range of areas in which employers in California might face legal challenges from employees. For example, discrimination in the workplace is a common enough claim in California and throughout the country these days. Any allegations of discrimination based on race, age, gender or disability, for instance, could lead to protracted and costly employment law litigation.

Wage and hour disputes, hostile work environment claims and even executive compensation disputes are not outside the realm of possibility when it comes to potential employment law issues with current or former employees. What can businesses in California do about these potential claims? In short, be proactive in prevention practices and tough when it comes to litigation.

Protect your business

At our law firm, we have seen many different situations that can lead to employment law disputes between employers and employees. We work with our clients to attempt to help them protect their businesses when legal claims arise. For more information, please visit the employer defense overview section of our law firm’s website.




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