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Can I get a zoning change for my property?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

Zoning laws can create unexpected challenges at times for property owners and can limit their ability to utilize their property as they wish. For that reason, property owners should be familiar with what zoning laws are and when it might be possible to obtain a zoning variance.

Zoning laws and zoning changes

Zoning laws are used to regulate the use and development of real estate. Zoning laws are used by municipalities to direct and control property within the municipality. Zoning laws can address requirements associated with buildings, accessory buildings, size and height of buildings, building setbacks, parking, utility lines, the number of buildings permitted on a lot and other aspects of development as well.

In addition, zoning laws usually create certain zoning districts including residential, industrial and commercial. Some areas may be designated as mixed-use zoning. When a property owner is requesting to deviate from current zoning requirements, they may wish to request a zoning variance. If the property owner is successful in obtaining a zoning variance, they may be able to use the property in a way that would not otherwise be permitted by the zoning ordinance but it is not a change to the applicable zoning law.

Real estate law can help property owners navigate a number of different concerns related to the development and use of their property including understanding zoning regulations, complying with zoning regulations and requests to no longer follow a zoning requirement. Land use and zoning laws are significant because of their impact on the use, and potentially value, of property which is why it is essential for property owners to understand zoning regulations and real estate laws that may be able to help them.




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