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The key to protecting intellectual property

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In the business world, intellectual property is highly valued. Protecting intellectual property is important when trying to stay ahead of the competition. But without legal protection, based on California’s intellectual property laws, a business can lose its advantage. Understanding what qualifies as intellectual property, as well as knowing how to legally protect that property, can ensure that no unauthorized person or entity has access to that valuable information. 

What qualifies as intellectual property? 

It can be hard to determine what qualifies as intellectual property due to its intangible nature. Patents, trademarks, and franchises are all considered intangible property. Online content like algorithms, software, and other uniquely created programs may also be considered intellectual property, depending on the circumstances.  

Trade secrets are another type of intangible asset that many businesses find invaluable. It’s up to the individual business to decide how and to what extent they protect their trade secrets, which may include recipes, patterns, or developmental processes. It’s sometimes challenging to prevent trade secrets from being released by employees and former employees. Many businesses choose to use nondisclosure agreements and other legal avenues to keep these secrets from being released.  

Legal help is available 

Intellectual property laws provide protection for business trade secrets, patents, sensitive online content, and other types of unique knowledge of processes and procedures. If a business suspects, for any reason, that intellectual property has been leaked, the first step is to seek legal advice. California attorneys who specialize in business law can provide guidance on how best to act against the party responsible for leaking the information.  



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