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Home Depot settles lawsuit related to unpaid wages

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2023 | Employment Litigation |

A long-running class action lawsuit filed against Home Depot on behalf of some California employees has finally been settled. The class action lawsuit was initially filed in March 2016. The trial was supposed to happen this year, but Home Depot decided to settle in order to avoid litigation and to return the focus to helping customers.

Details of the lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of over 272,000 Home Depot employees who worked for the retailer from 2012 on. The workers claimed that they were not paid adequately for their time spent on the clock. Some of the claims include improperly rounded clock-in and clock-out times or being required to wait after closing while off the clock and not being paid for that time.

Home Depot has agreed to pay over $70 million to settle with the employees who sued. After legal fees are taken out of the money, the remainder will go to the employees who sued. Home Depot claims no wrongdoing but based on the advice of their legal team, decided that settlement was the best option.

Employers need legal help when facing a lawsuit

When a company is being sued by employees, working with an experienced legal team is key in protecting the interests of the company. California businesses have several options when faced with a lawsuit from employees. In some cases, settlement may be the right choice while fighting back against the allegations works in other circumstances. To understand every option and decide on the right strategy, companies should seek legal advice immediately to help develop the right defense strategy.



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