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Disney facing lawsuit related to alleged pay gap

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Employment Litigation |

Disney is a well-known brand in California that employs many people in various capacities. The company has seen its share of lawsuits previously. It is now facing a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of some of the company’s female employees. They allege that they were not paid the same as the male employees who were performing the same duties.  

Allegations of unfair wages 

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2019 on behalf of a female Disney employee who alleged that six male employees with the same job title earned significantly more than her. Since the original filing, there have been nine other women, some current and some former employees, who have joined the lawsuit. They claim that Disney systematically underpays women workers and has been doing so for years. 

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County and could cover up to 12,500 current and former full-time female Disney employees. The company denies the claims that a pay gap exists. It plans to show evidence to support its position during litigation. 

Companies with legal questions should seek help  

Large companies often face lawsuits from current and former employees based on wages and other matters. Some people may be under the impression that a large company will simply settle to avoid time in court, rather than fight back against the allegations. While settling may be the right option in some cases, the best defense strategy should be based on the specific circumstances of each case. California companies who find themselves being sued by current or former employees should consult with a law team that has experience and knowledge of how employment laws work in the state.  



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