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How to approach a real estate tax reassessment appeal

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2023 | Real Estate Law |

Business owners face many challenges when it comes to taxation in California. Paying one’s real estate taxes can be costly, and when the property is reassessed, those taxes can continue to be higher with each reassessment. Fortunately, business owners can appeal a reassessment if they feel that that claimed increase in property value is incorrect. A successful appeal will lower one’s property taxes, making it easier for the business to thrive.  

Filing an assessment appeal 

Property owners have the right to file an assessment appeal if they do not agree with the assessed value claimed by the county assessor. When appealing an assessment, the property owner can file an Assessment Appeal Application. These forms can be found at the board of the county in which the property is located. Some counties also have the form available on their website. 

Once the appeal application is submitted, an appeals board will hear evidence related to the case. Business owners should be prepared with documentation to back up their claim that their property was not assessed correctly. It’s important to note that the board of appeals decision is final, but a property owner does have the option to appeal the decision to the superior court in which the property is found. 

Seek legal advice when filing an appeal 

Business owners have the right to appeal real estate tax reassessments when they believe an error has occurred. When a California business owner wishes to file an appeal, it’s beneficial for them to work with an attorney who has experience in such cases. An attorney can help one gather the evidence needed to show the appeals board why they believe their property was misvalued. 



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