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Casino to face employment litigation in federal court

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Employment Litigation |

There are a variety of outside factors which could result in legal problems for a business. However, many times the problem can come from within a company in California. One of the most common instances of this is during an employment dispute. Employees sometimes become disgruntled and feel they have been wronged by an employer at times, which results in an employment litigation case.

One casino in another state is currently dealing with this type of problem and is now facing a lawsuit from more than 100 past and present employees. The lawsuit centers around alleged non-payment of wages owed to casino employees. The plaintiffs consist of workers who had or are currently working as floor supervisors for the casino. The lawsuit was filed against the employer in federal court.

The lawsuit alleges workers were not compensated for working during breaks as well as during off-time meetings. Also, the employees claimed that they were forced to volunteer for mandatory projects. The claimed lost wages could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, no specific dollar amount has yet to be named by the plaintiffs. The worker who originally filed the lawsuit against the casino has since withdrawn from the group lawsuit in order to address other unrelated allegations regarding poor working conditions as well as violations of laws related to casino gambling.

Therefore, the casino is now facing two sets of allegations in court. This can be a significant financial issue for any business in California or anywhere else. Therefore, it is best for the casino to address the employment litigation matter with the proper preparation. This means researching the applicable legal statutes and case law required to mount an effective legal defense in the court of law.

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