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Employment litigation: “90210” actress sues management company

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2015 | Employment Litigation |

Shannen Doherty, known for her role in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” filed a lawsuit on Aug. 19 in California against the company that formerly handled her business management and one of its employees. Court documents show that the plaintiff alleges breach of contract and negligence. She claims the company acted in its own interest rather than protecting the interests of the actress. During the discovery phase of this employment litigation, more information about alleged wrongdoing became available.

Doherty then sought permission to expand her lawsuit against the defendant. A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff, permitting her to add a new cause of action. In the initial lawsuit, it was claimed that the business management company negligently failed to pay the plaintiff’s medical insurance premium, resulting in her losing insurance coverage in Feb. 2014. Doherty claims to have avoided consultations with her doctor during the time that she was without coverage, and upon a doctor’s visit after reinstatement of her medical insurance, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The plaintiff contends that had she been covered by medical insurance, the spread of the cancer might have been prevented. As the result of severe emotional distress, the actress claims to have been unable to return to work. The request to file additional charges arose from accounting records that show the defendants allegedly charged the plaintiff inflated management fees and made several unexplained monetary transfers from her accounts to unidentified individuals.

Furthermore, it is alleged that a $50,000 insurance payment to the plaintiff in relation to a claim for property damage was withheld by the defendants. Court papers also indicate that the defendants are accused of divulging details of the actress’s private financial affairs to other parties without obtaining her authorization. California individuals who believe that employment issues are more than what they can resolve on their own may find comfort knowing that an experienced employment litigation attorney can guide a client throughout the processes of strategic mediation or litigation, seeking the most efficient resolution.

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