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Woman involved in employment litigation outside California

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | Employment Litigation |

Business owners and employees in California typically hope to avoid all matters of contention when addressing issues involved in the process of hiring and firing. There have been many situations, however, in which employees have claimed they have been unjustly discriminated against by their employers. Some incidents seem to involve racial discrimination, while others involve alleged retaliation for blowing the whistle on various wrongdoings in the workplace. Many of these situations lead to employment litigation when amicable resolutions seem impossible to achieve outside the courtroom.

In another state, a former county employee says she was unjustly terminated from her position after blowing the whistle on issues that arose during the development of a program associated with the Penny Tax Project. She had been working as the assistant director of the Office of Small Business Opportunities. She said she became aware of certain illicit practices and felt compelled to speak out against the involved parties.

She also claims that after doing so, she was fired from her position. The woman has filed a 25-page legal claim against Richland County in South Carolina. Her claim also states that she suffered racial, gender and disability discrimination in the workplace.

Such employment litigation can be a lengthy and complicated process. Any person in California who believes that a wrongful termination has been issued by an employer may want to contact a business and commercial law attorney to explore the options that may be available to pursue legal action in the matter. Unjust discrimination in the workplace is legally punishable, and a first logical step to take is to seek legal accountability against those who have allegedly perpetrated such acts by securing legal representation before proceeding to court.

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