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Jury duty led to one man’s employment litigation

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2017 | Employment Litigation |

In California and all other states, those summoned for jury duty may have to miss work. It’s par for the course insofar as civic duties are concerned, and most employers are used to granting days off when workers receive their selection notices in the mail. For one man, however, the experience did not play out quite like he thought it would.  After fulfilling his civic duty, he was fired from his job and has since commenced employment litigation against his former employer.

In fact, he says he was fired from his job because when he reported for jury duty, he had to take time off work. The auto company for which he was formerly employed claims to have terminated him from his position because of poor performance. The man says that is not the real reason.

He has requested a jury trial. His claim seeks benefits and back wages. The plaintiff requests punitive, compensatory and actual damages. Although most employers in California and other states hire “at will,” meaning workers can be fired at any time, it is against the law to fire someone because they have been called for jury duty.

Employment litigation can be contentious and complicated. When a worker acts alongside aggressive representation, the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome are increased. The type of solution sought depends on the details of a particular situation. A California worker in need of guidance may seek support through the office of an experienced business and commercial law attorney.

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