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Employment law and auto dealerships

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Auto Dealership Law, Labor And Employment Law |

There are many different reasons why auto dealers may find themselves in a difficult position, legally speaking. For example, litigation involving another car dealer may arise or a dealership may struggle with difficult clients. However, employment law issues can be especially tricky and take many different forms. If you own an auto dealership, or if you work for a car dealership, it is important to understand which types of behavior violate the rights of employees and ensure that the appropriate steps are taken in the event that such violations take place. In Irvine, and across the rest of California, these disputes can have a very damaging impact on dealerships of all sizes.

From sexual harassment to wage violations, there are many facets of employment law that the owner of an auto dealership may face legal issues over. Preventing sexual harassment is pivotal and there are many other violations that can wreak havoc for businesses and workers alike, such as discrimination, denied breaks, unpaid overtime and many other matters. Sometimes, employees file suit over false allegations, but these cases can be incredibly damaging for a car dealership if the end result is unfavorable. In fact, these accusations alone can damage a business’ reputation and lead to financial troubles.

We know how stressful daily life can be for those who own and work for car dealerships, especially issues involving employment law. It is crucial to ensure that litigation involving a car dealership is dealt with appropriately and our page on auto dealership law goes over more relevant topics.



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