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When a construction worker decides to take legal action

On Behalf of | May 19, 2019 | Labor And Employment Law |

For those who own construction companies, legal matters involving their business can arise for countless reasons. However, when staff members decide to pursue legal action, it can be especially challenging to handle the case. Construction workers may decide to move forward with a lawsuit because they were involved in a work-related accident which led to an injury, or they may file a lawsuit over allegations of discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour violations or some other type of employee rights violation. These cases can be detrimental for those who run large construction firms as well as small contractors.

If your construction company is being taken to court by a current or former worker, it is important to prepare for the case. Sometimes, litigation can be avoided by talking to the worker about their issues and resolving the dispute out of court. However, litigation cannot always be avoided and it can be very contentious, in some instances. Our law office is very familiar with the different hurdles that contractors encounter in the courtroom and we know how devastating an unsuccessful outcome can be. Fortunately, there may be a number of strategies to resolve these cases efficiently and minimize the financial impact of the case.

Not only can legal action involving a construction worker lead to financial challenges, but they can damage a construction company’s reputation. It is vital to protect your business and carefully go over the details of the case. We cover many other topics related to employment law on our site.



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